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Rainwater Tank 280 Ltrs

Rainwater Tank 280 Ltrs




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Rainwater Tank 280 Litre In Black - Varient 1 Style

Your 280 Litre plastic water tank made by Ecosure is perfect for storing water in. Designed and made here on site in the Uk with quality plastic. The 280 litre tank is shaped rectangular and slim so that unlike other round or oval shaped water tanks this 280 litre slimline water tank will fit in small, tight areas and places with limited space.

This water tank comes with a screw down and a bottom out let which allows you to draw the water from the tank whenever you need. This size water tank is also ideal for car valeters and window cleaners to store within their vehicles so that they have water at easy access at all times. Your stored water within your water tank will serve many purposes and you will be surprised how much collected rainwater will save you on your monthly water bills (especially if you are on a water metre).

All Ecosure water butts are made from a seamless one piece mould. Design and manufacture is all done in house to ensure our high standards are met.This tank is made for rainwater storage.

Water Tank Dimensions
Height 820mm
Length 1100mm
Width 340mm
Capacity 280 Litres / 50 Gal
Outlet ¾" BSP
Inlet 8" Screwdown Lid
Weight empty 20 Kgs

Please Note - This tank is not suitable for drinking water storage. Please see Potable version