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350 Litre Rain Tank Rectangular Box

Ref: ECO350V1BLK
350 Litre Rain Tank Rectangular Box







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Rain Water Tank 350 Litre

This is an extremely tough and durable water tank constructed from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) Ideal for car valeting or window cleaning.

Water Tank Features:
  • Industrial Strength
  • Resistant against corrosion
  • Free from maintenance

  • Water Tank Uses:
  • Watering the garden
  • Washing the car
  • Horticultural sprinkling
  • Overflow from larger tank

  • Water Tank Dimensions
    Capacity 350 Litres
    Length 990mm
    Width 520mm
    Height 750mm
    Weight 25kg
    OutLet 1" BSP
    InLet 8" Screwdown Lid

    Look after your water tank and it will look after you ! In the summer months when everywhere is dry and little sign of rain, your garden really is suffering. By having a water tank you can feed your garden and keep it productive and healthly.

    Ecosure water tanks are made using a high grade plastic and they are built with extra strength. They are durable and come with a screw down lid and bottom outlet for the gardener to access and use when they want.

    Please Note - This tank is not suitable for drinking water storage. Please see Potable version